Our Mutual Mission

Our consistency is based on the careful selection of our consultants. Our consultants are all connected by our experience within the field of personnel consultancy, a specific industry experience and a commitment to enduring development.

In our view, lasting professional relationships require honest and transparent communication and equal partnerships. „We mean what we say and we say what we mean.“

By doing so, we abide by a partner-like model inside and outside of our organization in order to fulfill the highest possible standards of quality. If there is anything we can’t cover ourselves, we rely on powerful partners. Short-term sales are not what we are looking for.



Daniel Schmökel

General Manager & Consultant

Industry Focus: Automation, Material Handling & Intralogistics

Daniel Schmökel looks back on diverse and extensive professional experience in business, administration, association management and technology transfer. This was before his career as a personal consultant in 2014 and the founding of munerio consulting GmbH. His professional profile is complemented by an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk, a master's degree in economic geography and a psychological consultant training. Experiences and skills that continue to assist him in advancing both service delivery and targeted business development. Industrial automation technology, conveyor technology & intralogistics fascinated him due to the high innovation character and the numerous exciting companies and stakeholders in the industry. This makes teamwork in consultancy both special and challenging. At munerio, Daniel Schmökel, as the Managing Director, is responsible for HR, marketing, and legal matters.




Daniel Hell-Mayer

General Manager & Consultant

Industry Focus: Drive & Fluid Technology

During his studies, Daniel Hell-Mayer extensively delved into the topic of entrepreneurship. Following this, he began his professional journey in 2015 in the field of personnel consulting for the Fluid Technology industry. The desire to establish his own company persisted, leading him and Daniel Schmökel to jointly venture into entrepreneurship in 2018. Over time, the Drive and Fluid Technology sector has been significantly expanded, now represented at munerio consulting GmbH by a multi-expert team. As the Managing Director, Daniel Hell-Mayer oversees the areas of Operations, Finance, as well as IT and Technology.



Nina Sophia Masuhr

Partner & Consultant

Industry Focus: Filtration & Separation

Nina Sophia Masuhr entered the field of personnel consulting in 2017 after completing her studies in Applied Media with focus on Communication Management. In 2019, she joined munerio. Since the beginning of her career in personnel consulting, Nina Sophia Masuhr has specialized in Filtration & Separation – a distinctive feature in the German personnel consulting market. Over the past years, our colleague has built an extensive personal network in the industry and successfully completed diverse mandates. She particularly values the daily exchange with industry innovators in her industry specialization, individuals driving innovations for clean industrial processes. In her role as a partner, Nina Sophia Masuhr has been shaping the processes and service approach at munerio since January 2023.



Andreas Hutt

Senior Consultant

Industry Focus: Automation

Andreas Hutt oversees the Automation division at munerio, shaping the strategic direction of the consulting industry. Industrial automation technology is currently in a highly exciting phase, presenting various challenges for industry companies and their stakeholders. Andreas Hutt is well acquainted with these challenges, understands the market intricacies, maintains close communication with our clients as a partner, and is esteemed as a reliable consultant. With his extensive experience in personnel consulting, he brings relevant expertise to the table when it comes to identifying the right candidates for each client.



Stefan Janzen


Industry Focus: Drive and Fluid Technology

With his extensive experience in personnel consulting and expertise in headhunting, Stefan Janzen oversees the Drive and Fluid Technology sector at munerio. For him, this industry is particularly fascinating as its technologies are ubiquitous in our daily lives and are subject to constant innovation due to the increasing electrification. Through his empathetic and communicative approach, he excels at understanding both candidates and companies, facilitating the long-term alignment of skilled professionals and executives with the right organizations.



Maximilian Thies

Head of Operations

Maximilian Thies brings to the table extensive and diverse experience in personnel consulting. Starting as a personal consultant, he evolved into munerio's first project manager, significantly shaping process design and workflow within the team. The growth of munerio consulting GmbH and his outstanding work as a project manager led to the next collaborative step and Maximilian Thies' personal development into the Head of Operations.

In his role, he holds both functional and operational responsibilities for the project-related daily operations. He supports the project managers and trainees, coordinates collaboration with personal consultants and ensures the implementation of all quality standards towards enhancing the candidate experience. In this capacity, he stands as a guarantor, ensuring that newcomers encounter no obstacles for a successful start at munerio.



Daniel Belhaoues

Project Manager

With his industry specialization as a project manager, Daniel Belhaoues provides support to our clients in the field of Drive Technology. His primary focus involves filling crucial key positions in areas such as engineering, development, sales, business development, sales & project, and account management. Leveraging his personal industry connections in mechanical and electronic drive technology, he stands as a reliable contact for our partner companies - the result being numerous successfully completed consulting mandates and satisfied clients. His clients include manufacturers and distributors of drive systems, motors, rolling bearings, gears, turbines, engines, and other drive components.



Cosima Beyschlag

Project Manager

The industrial automation technology sector is in a constant state of transformation due to new technological developments such as digitization, electrification, and process automation. This elevates the expectations not only for manufacturers but also for the skilled professionals associated with the industry. With our experienced project manager, Cosima Beyschlag, we have a knowledgeable point of contact who is well-versed in the candidate market within the industry and understands the evolving needs of the companies involved.



Katharina Krichbaum

Project Manager

With several years of professional experience in personnel consulting, Katharina Krichbaum is well-versed in the current candidate market and the latest recruiting trends. Leveraging her expertise in the field of Filtration & Separation, she comprehends the industry's requirements and excels in providing optimal support to candidates. Her empathetic approach to understanding the career aspirations of applicants has enabled her to guide numerous individuals towards new career opportunities, successfully connecting them with their desired employers.



Majlinda Freitag

Project Manager

With her solid professional experience in recruiting and headhunting, Majlinda Freitag supports the Filtration & Separation industry as a project manager at munerio. Filter and separation solutions constitute a significant part in many industries, aiming to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive. Particularly because the industry is at the forefront, multifaceted, and has a significant impact on many downstream sectors, it presents an exciting working environment for Majlinda Freitag. With her open-minded nature and a great deal of sensitivity, she has already helped many candidates achieve their desired positions.



Dustin Radicke

Project Manager

With Dustin Radicke, we have a genuine emerging talent for our project management team, providing support to our personnel consultants on the candidate side. Dustin has gained initial experience in human resources during his studies and through various internships.



Henrike Homeyer

Project Manager

With several years of experience in recruiting, Henrike Homeyer brings together qualified talents and companies in the field of drive technology. As a graduate of a technical university and holding a master's degree in business psychology, she combines technical understanding with trends in recruiting and aptitude diagnostics. This helps her to better understand both candidates and companies and to lead both sides to their goals. With her experience in systemic coaching, she sees herself as a companion for candidates throughout the process, approaching them with empathy and understanding. Her goal is to match personality and potential optimally with suitable career opportunities.



Lea Koltermann

Project Manager

Lea Koltermann, as an emerging talent, contributes to our project management team, providing guidance to candidates in the field of Automation. Through various internships and during her studies, she has already been exposed to human resources and management consulting, gaining valuable initial experiences.



Petra Karásková

Finance Manager

Petra Karásková is responsible for efficient and smooth financial processes of the company, and in addition, she keeps an overview over all operational HR activities. Thanks to her education and professional experience in finance and human resources, she has the best qualifications for the growth and professionalization of munerio. The company's development is successfully accompanied by the trained sociologist, not least because of her good intuition for people and team dynamics. She is thus the best point of contact for colleagues for both minor and major questions in everyday employee life.



René Werther

Team Assistant

Early in his professional career, René recognized that a job involving people was his true calling. After several years in retail, he found his path leading to the realm of recruiting. While working collaboratively, he soon discovered his passion for internal matters and operational workflows within the company. Leveraging his strengths in organization and structure, René strives to create the best possible work environment for his colleagues.

At munerio, René oversees office management, provides support for administrative matters, and unleashes his vibrant creativity in planning and executing team events.



Daniel Bieber

Systemadministrator & Marketing

With Daniel Bieber, munerio has a competent and reliable point of contact for all technical questions within its ranks. In addition to solving IT problems, he continuously advances digitalization within the company. A strong focus is on managing the digital knowledge of the company's wiki as well as database optimization. He guides newcomers on how systems and databases work and familiarizes them with established IT processes. As an experienced technology expert from the media industry, Daniel Bieber also supports marketing with high-quality photographs, image editing, moving images, and graphic design.

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